Zhongshan Sino-British Low Carbon Service Salon

9 August 2018 | News

On 9 August 2018, the "Zhongshan Sino-British Low Carbon Service Enterprise Theme Salon" co-sponsored by the Carbon Trust and Zhongshan Xiaolan Low Carbon Development Promotion Center was successfully held.


This salon is one of the activities of the Zhongshan Low-carbon Special Project “Zhongshan Sino-British Low-Carbon Service Industrial Park Pilot Construction” implemented by the Carbon Trust. The project is based on best practice in relevant industries and representative enterprises in the UK and the city of Zhongshan. The project assesses supply and demand of the China-UK low-carbon service industry, providing a comprehensive low-carbon service platform for Zhongshan enterprises, improving the green and low-carbon competitiveness of Zhongshan enterprises, in order to better promote the industrial restructuring and transformation and upgrading of Zhongshan City.


With the theme of low-carbon services, the salon is composed of dozens of institutions and senior industry experts from China and the UK in low-carbon service areas.  With a focus on the low-carbon service industry, green supply chain, green finance, green building, low-carbon design and maintenance, low carbon product certification, etc.  to share and discuss with participating Zhongshan enterprises to meet local green development needs.
Laurence Kidd, Commercial Consul of the International Trade Department of the British Consulate General in Guangzhou, delivered a speech and shared the measures and achievements of the development of the low-carbon service industry and related support in the UK.

The organizer of this salon, Yaxian Wu, Administration Manager at the Carbon Trust, shared case studies of the Carbon Trust's Low Carbon Workplace project and product carbon footprinting. As the world's first carbon footprint and low carbon standard for life cycle products, the Carbon Trust has been committed to helping companies fully understand their carbon emissions through carbon footprint analysis, to optimize product design and production processes in a more targeted manner and improve supply chain management.


Ben Pettitt, Strategic Research Consultant at BRE, introduced the BRE International Innovation Park network and platform, shared the experience of the Gui'an Innovation Park project built in China in 2015, and introduced the BREEAM environmental assessment method for large-scale development projects.


Weijie Huang, Chief Engineer of British engineering consultancy company Arup, spoke on the diversified technologies and services of low-carbon parks and architectural design, and shared examples of the company's worldwide success stories.


Feng Qiao, director of the Guangdong Qianhe Foundation project, shared the positive impact of greening supply chains on corporate development..


Chen Zhang, Deputy Director of the Guangzhou Carbon Emissions Exchange, introduced green financial services for enterprises and shared the current carbon emissions trading situation in Guangdong Province and a series of green financial services launched by the institute.

During the Q&A, delegates discussed topics such as carbon emissions in construction and the promotion of the carbon system in Zhongshan.


The salon, as a stage to build a low-carbon industry service platform in the city of Zhongshan, provided an easy way to share the low-carbon service concept for Zhongshan enterprises, park projects, low-carbon service organizations and financial institutions, and to jointly promote the development of low-carbon service industry in Zhongshan.

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